This Suburban Neighborhood is Overrun with Peacocks

This Suburban Neighborhood is Overrun with Peacocks

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    It’s easy to think that peacocks are elegant and majestic creatures until you hear the noise they like to make at four in the morning.

    In a short video trending on Reddit today, this unfortunate suburban neighborhood as a thriving population of peafowl – about 50 of them according to one YouTube commenter – and every spring the males spend a lot of their time strutting around with their tails up and screeching at things.

    Apparently the land where the neighborhood was built used to be a farm, and the birds were just left behind when the farmers moved out.

    My childhood neighborhood had a family of four peafowl randomly show up one year, and I can confirm they’re astonishingly loud and annoying, and they’ll also shit all over your porch. Not really worth the fun of collecting tail feathers if you ask me.