Reddit Defends Dinosaur Kid from Internet Troll

Reddit Defends Dinosaur Kid from Internet Troll

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    Reddit did a good thing when the community came to the defense of an 11 or 12 year old kid who reviews and plays with dinosaur toys on YouTube.

    The Prehistoric Channel was ticking right along with its daily videos and handful of subscribers, but then another channel started ripping and reposting his videos without giving him credit.

    It bothered the boy so much that he started yelling at the impostor in the comments (“damn you fucker”? wow kid), pleaded with his subscribers to help, and even posted a teary farewell video because he thought it wasn’t worth it to post anymore.

    That’s when Reddit picked up the story and swooped in to downvote the impostor channel and subscribe to the real one, giving him thousands of new viewers. The Prehistoric Channel has since returned, with an apology from the creator for leaving.