Women Sue Birth Control Company for Getting Them Pregnant

Women Sue Birth Control Company for Getting Them Pregnant
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    If I were in these women’s position, I’d be pretty pissed off too.

    Birth control company Endo has landed itself in a lawsuit with 113 women who got mislabeled packages of pills – and at least 94 of them got pregnant because of it.

    If you don’t understand how birth control works (and a shocking number of people don’t), the packs contain 21 active pills with hormones that prevent pregnancy, and 7 sugar pills that are just there to keep you in the habit of taking one pill a day.

    But Endo’s packaging was rotated 180 degrees, so the sugar pills were marked as hormone pills. Women who didn’t catch the mistake missed part of their hormone treatment, and voila – babies.

    Some of these women are suing for lost wages and child-rearing costs, and some are even trying to sue for college tuition. Because if you haven’t noticed, the cost of raising and educating a child is kind of terrifying these days.

    This news has really taken off on Facebook – and you can imagine the kind of comments a story about sex and birth control are getting from your weird conservative cousins.