The “All That” Reunion Will Revive Us All.

The "All That" Reunion Will Revive Us All.

  • 90s kids, rejoice. Nickelodeon’s program block known as The Splat recently announced that there will be a reunion for the popular skit-comedy show, “All That”. The show, which originally aired in April of 1994, will be celebrating its 22-year anniversary next month, and The Splat is bringing back the original cast in a reunion special.

    Among the cast members attending will be Kenan Thompson (now famous for his recurring role on Saturday Night Live), Kel Mitchell (Good Burger, Kenan & Kel), Lori Beth Denberg (Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg), Josh Server (Detective Dan), and Danny Tamberelli (who was also featured on the panel of game show “Figure It Out”).

    The announcement of this reunion has created a huge buzz in the online community because let’s face it: we millennials grew up watching this show. The show was basically SNL for kids, and we ate it up. I’m hoping that at the reunion, the cast will bring back some old characters and recreate some classic scenes. Let’s hope for the best. Don’t let us down, The Splat!