Shia Labeouf Lookalike Punched in the Face

Shia Labeouf Lookalike Punched in the Face
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  • Some guys have no luck at all. Take Mario Licato, for instance, who was punched in the face merely for looking like Shia Labeouf.

    Licato, an art director, was exiting a Lower-East side subway station when an unknown assailant punched Licato in the face. According to police, the attacker said to Licato, “That’s because you look like f—–g Shia LaBeouf,” before making his escape.

    Licato fell down four stairs and was briefly knocked out by the encounter. He stated, “I opened my eyes and people were hovering over me. They were like, ‘Did you know him?”

    A couple who witnessed the attack helped Licato to his feet and called the police. While Licato didn’t get a good look at his attacker, the couple described the assailant as a “6-foot to 6-foot-3 white frat boy.”

    Licato does admit he’s gotten a lot of people telling him how much he looks like Labeouf, and even told press that he thinks the actor is “pretty cool.”

    Hopefully, Licato will be left alone after this incident.

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