Clothes Company Gets SLAMMED for Unethical Factories!

Clothes Company Gets SLAMMED for Unethical Factories!

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  • Australian clothing company Gorman landed itself in hot water after posting a photo of an employee who loves “Gorman’s knit designs, especially the colours.”

    We’re sure. The posting of the photo caused quite a bit of stir after it was pointed out the comment section that Gorman’s had received an ‘F’ on an ethical treatment report card created by Baptist World Aid Australian 2016 Fashion Report.

    The report was created to ensure companies don’t exploit overseas workers or use child labor in their manufacturing plants. The scores range in letter grades “A-F” with Gorman’s receiving a failing score.

    The company appears to be in full damage control mode with a spokesperson claiming the failing grade was issued because the company didn’t respond to Baptist World’s requests.


    At any rate, a petition was created in order to ensure the company will take care of its employees. That seems like…kind of a win in our book. It’ll be a full win when company’s like Gorman’s don’t even consider using slave or low paid labor to begin with.