Car Gets Swarmed By 20,000 BEES!

Car Gets Swarmed By 20,000 BEES!

  • 68 year-old Carol Howarth was surprised to find her car being swarmed by thousands of bees!

    Howarth discovered her car covered with bees after it had been sitting in a parking lot while she was shopping. The car, a Mitsubishi Outlander, was filled with roughly 20,000 bees which were eventually lured into a cardboard box by beekeepers.

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  • Luckily for Howarth, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger Tom Moses happened to be driving by when the bees raided the vehicle. He was the one who initially called the beekeepers in to remove the unwanted guests.

    However, the next morning the bees were back! Moses believes the queen bee may have gotten trapped in the vehicle, thus attracting the return of the swarm. The beekeepers returned and by 6 pm that evening, Howarth was once again free of bees. Although we’re not sure if the queen was found this time around!

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