Woman Wakes Up to LIONS Outside Her Tent

Woman Wakes Up to LIONS Outside Her Tent

  • Francie Lubbe woke up to a site that would turn most people white with fear while camping in Botswana.

    See, it had rained the night before and Lubbe woke to the strange sound of lions licking water off of her tent. Take a moment to really let that sink it because it wasn’t just one but THREE lionesses enjoying their time outside her tent.

    I’m not sure how you feel, but I’d be mighty uncomfortable realizing that only a thin layer of vinyl was separating me from death.

    Lubbe on the other hand found the experience to be a privilege, proof that the woman has nerves made of pure steel. According the National Geographic Explorers Dereck and Beverly, Lubbe did the right thing by remaining calm.

    “Too often people panic and behave badly when lions approach in the wild. I appreciate what these travelers did and how they responded, with calm and appreciation. Well done.”

    So if you plan on camping out in Botswana and find lions at your door, now you know: Remain calm, as if a T-Rex is staring you down.