Kelly Osbourne Tweeted Her Dad’s Mistress’ Phone Number??

Kelly Osbourne Tweeted Her Dad's Mistress' Phone Number??

  • Things are getting rough for the Osbournes. The rock royalty couple, who have been married for over 30 years, are certainly no strangers to having their lives plastered all over the news. Just recently, 2013 saw the Osbournes deal with a relapse into drugs and alcohol for Ozzy, and refuting divorce rumors for Sharon.

    It broke earlier this month that Ozzy had taken a mistress, but things have gotten even more heated as 31-year-old daughter Kelly Osbourne then proceeded to post what appears to be the mistress’s (now disconnected) number on Twitter:

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  • And that’s not all Kelly had to say in “defense” of her father.

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  • While some people find it understandable, not everyone is happy about her lashing out like this. YouTuber Meghan Tonjes posted a video explaining why she thinks Kelly shouldn’t have gone so far.

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  • As for Sharon? When asked on The Talk, she just laughed it off, reminding everyone that her daughter is an adult who loves both her parents, and what are you going to do?

  • What do you think? Was Kelly’s outrage understandable, or misdirected?