This Shiny Makeup Tutorial Is FREAKY!

This Shiny Makeup Tutorial Is FREAKY!
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  • This innovative and terrifying make up video comes to us from Mariya Lyubashevskaya who decided to create a full-face look using only highlighters.

    For the uninitiated, highlighters are bright shiny powders used to brighten peaks on the face such as the brow bones, cheek bones and in some cases the bridge of your nose.

    She covered her face in the stuff resulting in an almost robotic look that crosses the uncanny valley when used on a living person. Her face becomes so shiny, we’re sure of someone took a flashlight to it somewhere someone would scream ” The beacons have been lit! Gondor has called for aide!”

    All kidding aside, as fascinating as the look is, Mariya does announce at the beginning of her video that it’s not intended for everyday wear “unless of course you want to then go ahead slay girl SLAYYY.”

    Would you consider wearing this out of the house? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!