Douche Pays Ticket With 21,000 Pennies

Douche Pays Ticket With 21,000 Pennies

  • “Liberty-oriented YouTube creator” Brett Sanders broke the law recently and was too much of a tantrum-throwing diaper baby to face the consequences. When he went 39 MPH in a 30 MPH zone — admittedly, not that huge of an infraction — he decided to contest the $79 speeding ticket he received. (On what grounds is anyone’s guess.) He lost, and refused to pay up. Then the court assessed him a $212 fee for failing to pay, and here’s where our story begins.

    Mr. Sanders, fashioning himself something of an anti-government badass, decided to raid several banks for their pennies. Then, he smashed open the rolls of pennies in a creepy room with a creepy mallet while wearing a creepy shirt, presumably while internally humming “Eye of the Tiger” and deciding whether his planned “Don’t Tread on Me” tattoo should go on his bicep or his back. And finally, he dumped all 21,200 pennies out on some poor county clerk’s desk.

    He’s far from the first person to attempt this stunt. A man in Pennsylvania tried it last year, only to find out that the government designates pennies and nickels as “small change” and therefore not legal tender for debts greater than 25 cents. Another guy in New Jersey (because of course) saw the same result in 2008. In other words, Sanders’ chicanery might mean he still owes that $212. Let’s hope this is the case, because this dude seems like a massive tool.

    What are your thoughts? Are you so pissed off at BIG GOVERNMENT that you fight the power by being petty, or are you a grown f*cking adult? Let us know!