Teacher Gets Pregnant From Middle School Student

Teacher Gets Pregnant From Middle School Student

Are you ready for a story that will either 1. piss you off because it’s, y’know, rape, or 2. piss you off because THIS GENERATION IS SO SOFT I’D LIKE TO ROLL IT INTO A BALL AND USE IT AS A PILLOW!? (Note: If you’re in category 2, you are a horrible person.) Anyway, here’s the story.

24-year old Texas middle school teacher Alexandria Vera “dated” (read: repeatedly sexually assaulted) a 13-year old boy over the course of months, eventually turning herself in to police when suspicion fell on her. According to local news station KHOU, she frequently had the boy over for “sleepovers” (read: sexual assaults), and often invited multiple teenagers to her home, where cans and bottles of alcoholic beverages were found.

The story gets worse. Vera eventually got pregnant from her relationship with the boy, but terminated the pregnancy when suspicion against her began to rise. Wait, it gets worse: she also has a 4-year old daughter. WAIT, it gets EVEN WORSE: she told investigators that the boy’s family became “very supportive and excited” when they found out Vera was pregnant with the victim’s child. That’s right, folks: the victim’s family supported the whole thing, proving once and for all that nothing is good and the world is evil.

Look, I get it. Vera is an attractive woman, and any 13-year old boy given the chance would probably love to sleep with her — I doubt the victim in this case currently considers himself a victim. But that doesn’t matter. She had a position of power, and abused her authority to commit statutory rape. We have statutory rape laws for a reason, and that reason is because children don’t fully grasp the weight of what sex is — let alone the weight of a pregnancy. No 13-year old should ever be put into that position, regardless of their gender.

What do you think? Is statutory rape somehow different when the victim is male? If yes, what’s your snake’s name? Let us know!