Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Donezo

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Donezo
  • Break out the acoustic guitars and Ben & Jerry’s, folks, because the greatest romance of our time has come to an end. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are no longer dating, reports People.

    According to an “insider” who spoke to People, “there was no drama” and “no one cheated.” BUUUT, also according to People, Calvin Harris ended the relationship because he was “intimidated” by Swift’s success. Now I don’t know what to believe. All I can say for sure is that Taylor needs to get herself a Kanye to her Kim — someone equally as successful who won’t chicken out of a long-term relationship because of some weird reverse power trip.

    It wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift breakup story without mentioning the obvious, namely that Tay-Tay has written a ton of songs about her “long list of ex-lovers.” But there’s just too many people writing the same boring take over and over — “hur hur I wonder when her next album’s gonna come out, people told me I was funny in grade school but really I was just loud and they were scared of me, durrrrr” — that I’m gonna skip adding my voice to the choir. Instead I’ll just show you the best tweet I’ve seen about the whole situation so far:

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • What do you think? Does Taylor deserve to be honestly loved, or are you so cynical about celebrities that you think her fame somehow precludes her from the right of the pursuit of happiness? Let us know!