Now You Can Get Murdered at a Motel by Anyone With a Key

Now You Can Get Murdered at a Motel by Anyone With a Key

In a story that will make me grind my teeth anytime I go to a hotel, a man at a Rodeway Inn in Gallup, New Mexico, was unexpectedly visited by a stranger in the night. When he reported the matter to the hotel’s management, he was told that the stranger had “accidentally” been issued a master key.

But this man, this YouTube hero with a sort of funny shirt, didn’t buy it. He decided to test his own key at all of the Rodeway Inn’s doors, only to find that his key unlocked every one of them. Apparently this guy has a very different idea of privacy than you or I. Granted, at least in the video he didn’t go inside any of the rooms he unlawfully entered, but imagine being a guest at this hotel while this dude is doing his little “experiment.”

Commenters on the video were quick to note that this kind of thing happens all the time, with one even noting that they had once entered a room with nothing other than an iTunes gift card. So maybe it’s not the keys we should be worried about, but the locks? Either way, I’m downright terrified, and you should be too, because motels are somehow even creepier now.

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