Starbucks Fans Freak Out Over ‘Pink Drink’, Make Baristas’ Lives Difficult

Starbucks Fans Freak Out Over 'Pink Drink', Make Baristas' Lives Difficult

  • Do you like trying new things? Do you also like annoying service industry workers? Then boy oh boy do I have the hot new trend for you. It’s called Pink Drink, and basic bitches across the US of A are going wild for it.

    What is Pink Drink? Simple: it’s one of Starbucks’ Strawberry Acai Refreshers (made with green coffee extract), except you replace the water with coconut milk. Additional strawberries and/or blueberries are optional.

    Okay, enough with the mean-spiritedness. This actually looks kind of delicious. Even if coconut milk is crazy high in saturated fat (yep, your aunt who puts coconut oil on everything is actually clogging her arteries), it looks tasty enough to be worth it. Hopefully Starbucks puts it on their official menu soon, so you don’t have to worry about the confused stare you’ll get when you try to order it at your local branch.

    We haven’t been able to trace where it comes from, but it’s taking over Instagram, with just under 100,000 posts about it as of this posting. That makes it the most popular thing on Instagram since your bullsh*t Coachella pics.

    What do you think? Is Pink Drink the best new thing at Starbucks, or is it a bothersome trend that just annoys baristas? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!