Kidnapped Man Reunited With Mother After 21 Years

Kidnapped Man Reunited With Mother After 21 Years
  • There’s nothing quite like a tearful reunion to bring out the deep emotions in us, even if the people reuniting are Kenan and Kel. Unfortunately for your tear ducts, however, the people who reunite in this video are a long-estranged mother and son.

    According to ABC, Steve Hernandez was kidnapped by his father in 1995 when he was just 18 months old. His father abducted Hernandez and stole every photo of him and all his identifying information, save for one photo that his mother, Maria Mancia, kept on her person.

    Mancia went to the police, but investigators were unable to track down Hernandez and his father. In February of 2016, investigators with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Child Abduction Unit received a tip that led them to find Hernandez, who was then living in Puebla, Mexico. DNA analysis later proved that Mancia and Hernandez were mother and son.

    Hernandez, an American citizen, said “he has no plans to return to Mexico” and “hopes to attend law school in the U.S.”, according to ABC.

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