Babysitter Almost Drowns Baby, Gets Super Fired

Babysitter Almost Drowns Baby, Gets Super Fired

  • I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but DON’T DUMP A BUCKET OF WATER ON A BABY. BABY DOES NOT LIKE IT. (Unless that “baby” is actually an adult baby fetishist, in which case they might be into it.)

    It seems like common sense, but common sense was none too common for a babysitter in Indiana last week when she did exactly that to seven month old Annora Dixson. Watch the infuriating original video below:

  • When this video went viral, Annora’s mother Brittany Dixson stumbled upon it — only to be horrified when she recognized her daughter and the babysitter she had entrusted with her care. Dixson promptly fired the babysitter and referred the case to child services.

    Thankfully, little Annora is fine. Dixson took her to the doctor after discovering the video, where she learned that her daughter is in good health — but may have experienced a “dry drowning,” an incident in which inhaled water blocks an airway.

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