Blacksmith Turns Girlfriend’s Dog-Chewed Shoe Into Badass Armor

Blacksmith Turns Girlfriend's Dog-Chewed Shoe Into Badass Armor

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  • A Polish man named Alan became the topic of much internet buzz this week when Caliph, the dog he owns with his girlfriend, Jagoda, chewed up one of her shoes. Not one to take this lying down, Alan decided to make the most of the situation and use his amazing blacksmithing skills to turn the chewed-up shoe into a crazy mashup of Lady Gaga and medieval armor.

    The story took off when Buzzfeed reported on it, including the following video on YouTube:

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  • Well, that was… kinda porn-y. I can’t tell if this guy is trying to show off his blacksmithing, or if he’s trying to introduce Jagoda to foot fetishists from around the globe. Either way, uh, good luck to you, buddy.

    Whatever his motivations are, this is a pretty kickass DIY project, and we hope to see more from him in the future. Here’s his website if you want to see more.

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