Cop Jumps Out of Helicopter to Tackle Perp

Cop Jumps Out of Helicopter to Tackle Perp

  • GET TO THE CHOPPER! Now get out of the chopper! Now tackle a suspect! Congratulations, you’re good at being a cop.

    This week, particularly brave officer of the law Steven Borgstedte led a dramatic chase of a man suspected of burglary in the Houston, TX area. The man escaped several police vehicles, only to be chased down by a freakin’ helicopter.

    Officer Borgstedte wasn’t content to just chase after him in the helicopter, though. Nope, he decided to go the extra mile, jump out of a moving helicopter, run down the suspect, and full-on dive tackle him. Here’s the full original video:

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  • Now that’s one dedicated cop — and one truly lunatic suspect. What did he think was going to happen after he ran into an open field with a police SUV and a helicopter? Maybe he just didn’t want to be seen surrendering from anything, because if he’s gonna go out he’s going out like a PIMP.

    Who knows, really. The one thing we do know is that Officer Borgstedte will be telling this story at every bar he goes to for the rest of his life.

    What do you think? Is this video badass, or are you scared the police have the power to step on the throats of anyone in America? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!