Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s Relationship Might Be Totally Fake

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s Relationship Might Be Totally Fake
  • First came the breakup with Calvin Harris. Then came Hiddleswift and all its surrounding madness. What’s next for Taylor Swift? If rumors online are to be believed, elaborate performance art. No, not the fun Improv Everywhere kind — the Matrix-level “EVERYTHING IS A LIE” kind.

    That’s right. People online are suspicious that Taylor Swift might be playing us all for fools, and her relationship with Tom Hiddleston may be completely made up. BuzzFeed reports that people around the world are suspicious that Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship might all be for the sake of a music video, prank, performance art piece, or, worst of all, publicity.

    What’s fueling this conspiracy theory? A few things. First of all, Taylor Swift has for years been notoriously avoidant of paparazzi, even having a rule that she wouldn’t show her belly button to the world (a rule she broke in 2015). So why are there so many photos of Swift and Hiddleston together in such a short time?

    There’s more. Taylor Swift is known for releasing an album once every other fall. Her most recent album, 1989, came out in 2014. If she continues in her pattern, her next album is due in just a few months. Additionally, Tom Hiddleston is looking for publicity around the same time — he’s likely to be nominated for an Emmy for The Night Manager, and the Emmys are also right around the corner.

    Perhaps most suspicious of all is the fact that the same paparazzi agency is responsible for all the photos we can find of Hiddleswift. Goff Photos, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?!?!?!

    What do you think? Are Swift and Hiddleston big jokesters, or is their love 4 real 4ever? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!