Alligator Climbs Tree: IS NOWHERE SAFE?

Alligator Climbs Tree: IS NOWHERE SAFE?

  • From the people who brought you bear in a bath and python on a fleece comes another animal in an unusual situation: GATOR IN A TREE.

    According to WINK News, Ronald Saracino from Cape Coral, Florida said he saw an alligator climbing a tree while out doing whatever it is Floridians do (presumably looking for alligators to sell meth to). Here’s the picture he captured:

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  • Some, including Saracino himself, have questioned whether this is actually an alligator. “At first I thought maybe it was a lizard,” said Saracino. Twitter user Christine K thought it was a monitor lizard.

    But look at it. It’s an alligator.

    The most important takeaway from this story is that alligators have figured out that they can escape swamps, and are probably coming for us all. What’s the next step in gator evolution? WINGS? I don’t know, but I’m scared, and you should be too.

    What do you think? Are you afraid that if alligators have figured out how to climb trees, they’ll soon figure out how to break down doors and swallow you whole? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!