NASA Finds “Morse Code” on Mars (Settle Down, Conspiracy Theorists)

NASA Finds "Morse Code" on Mars (Settle Down, Conspiracy Theorists)
  • Oh space, you so crazy. When NASA isn’t releasing awesome footage of Pluto or showing us the far side of the moon, they’re making awesome discoveries on Mars. What they found this time is blowing the minds of both regular folks and tinfoil hat enthusiasts around the world.

    NASA recently released images taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or HiRISE, camera attached to their Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The images show a series of sand dunes on Mars that happen to resemble the dots-and-dashes format of Morse code.

    According to NASA, the apparent “dashes” are “linear dunes formed by bi-directional winds, which are not traveling parallel to the dune”, and the apparent “dots” are “barchanoid dunes” that “occur where there is some interruption to the process forming those linear dunes. NASA says the process that created these formations is not currently well understood, and was one of the reasons why they sent HiRISE to photograph the area.

    So what does the “Morse code” say? Veronica Bray, the scientist who analyzed the image, told Gizmodo what it all translates to:


    In other words, it’s either complete gibberish, or buying vowels is incredibly expensive in Martian Wheel of Fortune.

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