Jon Gosselin Works at a TGI Friday’s Now

Jon Gosselin Works at a TGI Friday's Now

  • TLC, home of 100 pound scrotums, was also once home to former reality TV star Jon Gosselin. His new, actually-less-humiliating home? A TGI Friday’s in Lancaster, PA.

    Gosselin was once the star of the poorly-reviewed but somehow still on TV nearly a decade later Jon & Kate Plus 8. (It’s soldiered on without Jon as Kate Plus 8 since the titular couple’s divorce in 2009.) And now he works as a cook at the restaurant chain best known for slathering everything in Jack Daniels sauce. Here’s the photo evidence:

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  • On the one hand, according to the Friday’s manager quoted in the Page 6 story that broke the news, he “works there because he likes to cook” and “donate(s) his check every week” (although it’s unclear to where, if anywhere, he donates it). Can’t fault a guy for either of those things.

    On the other hand, his life since fame has apparently been a really sad slow-motion tragedy. He used to live in a really expensive apartment in NYC, but it was broken into in 2009, with around $100,000 in damage done. Since then, he’s worked installing solar panels and as a maitre’d. Even if he appeared to be a dick on TV, that’s just a bummer all around.

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