Jenna Marbles Single-Handedly Ends the ‘100 Layers of Makeup’ Trend

Jenna Marbles Single-Handedly Ends the '100 Layers of Makeup' Trend
  • Don’t believe Jenna Marbles when she says she only has three looks. She’s added a fourth, and it’s… horrifying.

    One of the more nonsensical fads in beauty these days is the “100 layers” trend. People are slathering 100 layers of various beauty products on themselves and uploading the strangely entertaining results to YouTube.

    There’s the “nail polish mountain” video, which may have started it all:

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  • There’s the “100 layers of mascara” video, which is downright frightening (and in Swedish):

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  • Then there’s the “100 layers of foundation” video, which blew this trend way the hell up, earning over five million views:

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  • Jenna Marbles saw these videos and decided she’d one-up them… by doing them all at the same time, plus a few more.

    That’s right: 100 coats of lipstick, 100 coats of foundation, 100 coats of nail polish, 100 coats of spray tan, 100 coats of hair spray, and 50 pairs of fake eyelashes. Here’s her video (WARNING — this is borderline horror movie sh*t):

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  • The internet has had some pretty extreme reactions to Marbles’ insane stunt. Mostly people are downright impressed, while a few people are more horrified than anything. But my favorite comment so far is definitely this one by YouTube commenter Paul Johnson:

    Why didn’t you just measure the weight of one application, multiply that weight by 100 and then apply with a butter knife?

    This guy has a point! A really silly point that makes the whole experiment pointless, but a point nonetheless!

    What do you think? Were you more grossed out or impressed by Jenna Marbles’ dedication? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!