Jay Z & Beyoncé Take Funny Photo Together; All Must Be Forgiven

Jay Z & Beyoncé Take Funny Photo Together; All Must Be Forgiven

  • The latest celebrity selfie to blow up the internet wasn’t taken by Kim Kardashian (for once). No, this time it’s taken by a member of America’s other royal family — the Carter-Knowles family.

    Jay Z and Beyoncé have been photographed in an elevator again, but this time no one’s getting hurt. (That’s a reference to the legendary Solange vs. Jay Z fight of 2014. Get with it, people.)

    Nope, this time it’s a harmless li’l selfie. Here’s the original photo from Beyoncé’s website:

  • Beyonce photo 1
  • In the photo, Jay Z can be seen taking a photo of Beyoncé… and, apparently, trying really hard to get into the picture at the same time. I haven’t seen Jay Z try this hard at anything since The Black Album. It almost makes us feel like Beyoncé didn’t just release half an album about Jay Z cheating on her. (Sure, the second half of the album is about her forgiving him, but who listens to the second half of Lemonade?)

    The internet is split in its reaction to this photo, with people responding both with humorous responses and big, empty shrugs. Check out the video above for some of the comments we found online.

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