Get Your Tinfoil Hats: The Government Swears These Lights Aren’t UFOs

Get Your Tinfoil Hats: The Government Swears These Lights Aren't UFOs
  • In the biggest UFO story since that massive one that everyone saw over Los Angeles a few months ago, some streaks of light were spotted all over the Western United States recently. Twitter users all across the region posted videos of the lights, with some claiming to have seen UFOs (or just meteor showers):

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  • So what caused these lights? Could it be a meteor shower, an alien invasion, or Sandra Bullock (spoiler alert for a movie that came out in 2013)?

    The answer: none of the above. According to the National Weather Service, the object was a piece of “space junk” — specifically, according to U.S. Strategic Command spokeswoman Julie Ziegenhorn, it was a Chinese rocket.

    Ziegenhorn told the Associated Press it was a CZ-7 rocket burning up upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, and referred further questions to Chinese authorities.

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