This Dude’s Best Friend Is a Deer Named Money

This Dude's Best Friend Is a Deer Named Money

  • In the cutest story about deer since that baby deer who couldn’t figure out what to do with a ball, a young man has befriended a family of the huggable animals.

    Kelvin Peña is a 17-year-old from Texas who recently moved to Pennsylvania. He blew up on Twitter recently for a series of videos and photos that he took of himself feeding and playing with a family of deer.

    It all started when, last week, he tweeted a video of himself feeding crackers to a buck he named Money. Here’s the original video:

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  • He went on to take another video of Money bringing his “deer squad” family to the scene:

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  • They even played basketball together:

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  • Kelvin’s story gained national attention when Reddit user Neatwill posted this Twitter video to /r/videos, where it quickly reached the front page:

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  • Being a savvy businessman, Kelvin quickly pulled a Warren Sapp and started selling t-shirts based on his viral fame:

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  • Kelvin told BuzzFeed he named the deer Money “‘cause I feel like he deserves that name – money makes me happy and he did too, so I felt like we had a friendship.” Can’t blame a guy for being real.

    What do you think? Do you wish you had a family of deer buds? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!