Orlando Bloom Proves Nude MALE Celebrities Can Break the Internet, Too

Orlando Bloom Proves Nude MALE Celebrities Can Break the Internet, Too

  • In the biggest story about Orlando Bloom since he allegedly punched Justin Bieber two years ago, and the biggest invasion of a celebrity’s privacy since, well, yesterday, Orlando Bloom has driven the internet into a tizzy by taking off his pants.

    The New York Daily News reports (if you can use that word) that the star of The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the only movie I’ve ever walked out of, Kingdom of Heaven, was on vacation in Sardinia with current girlfriend Katy Perry recently. The Daily News took a whole bunch of pictures of the happy couple — and in many of them, Bloom is wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a black bar. (Over his penis. It’s not a real black bar. It’s his penis.)

    Tens of thousands of tweets about Bloom were sent out into the Twitterverse. While many users were just excited at the chance to see a celebrity naked — or the chance to leak uncensored versions of the photos — plenty more were taken aback at the invasion of Bloom’s privacy. See the video above for some of the relevant tweets.

    Of particular note is that whenever nude photos of a female celebrity leak, the media universally condemns the photos and anyone who wants to see them. But this time, plenty of outlets are slavering over the pics. Double standard much?

    The possibility does exist that Bloom knew the photos were being taken, and/or approved at least the censored versions of them being released. This could all be a publicity stunt. But still. Maybe it’s best to at least acknowledge that it’s not super cool to release naked pictures of anybody, regardless of their gender or fame level. Can we agree on that, folks?

    What do you think? Are you going to go track down the uncensored versions, or will you show restraint this time? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!