Cute Couple Puts on 100 Layers of Clothes, Defines #RelationshipGoals

Cute Couple Puts on 100 Layers of Clothes, Defines #RelationshipGoals

  • A few weeks ago we covered Jenna Marbles’ take on the 100 layers trend. At the time, we thought she nailed the trend’s coffin shut, buried it, ran a backhoe over the gravesite, and padlocked the cemetery. But GUESS WHAT, SUCKAS?! The 100 layers trend is bursting from its grave.

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    Artist’s depiction.

  • YouTubers De’arra & Ken, who make cute vlogs, pranks, cooking vids, and challenges, are the ones responsible for this trend’s reemergence. They each put on 50 layers of clothing — that’s 100 layers total, natch — in this cute video:

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  • While it’s not De’arra & Ken’s most popular video — that honor goes to this prank in which Ken pretends to break up with De’arra — it might be their cutest. And with over a million views in just a few days, it might help them break out into mega-popularity. Considering how much they must have stretched out some of their clothes, I hope it was worth it.

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