Funny Video Shows Kid Who Swallowed Squeaky Dog Toy… or DOES IT?

Funny Video Shows Kid Who Swallowed Squeaky Dog Toy… or DOES IT?

  • Popular Facebook page/website The LAD Bible is well-known for posting viral videos, clickbait articles, and the occasional body-shaming meme. Recently, they posted a video that went wildly viral, allegedly of a kid who either swallowed or inhaled a dog’s squeaky toy. It quickly gained (as of this writing) over 25 million views, nearly half a million shares, and 300k+ likes. Here’s the LAD Bible video:

  • Our host Anna Lore has her doubts in the video above, and so do I. Though people in the Reddit comments make some convincing arguments, my instincts tell me this video could be faker than Hiddleswift.

    Let’s look at the evidence on both sides:


    —Squeakers in dog toys are actually quite small, sometimes under a centimeter wide. It’s entirely possible young Anthony could have inhaled one.

    According to Doboy64 on Reddit, inhaled objects usually wind up in the right main bronchus, so it’s also entirely possible that he could have inhaled something so small and not choked.

    —Anthony does appear to actually be in a hospital, and inhaling a dog toy is as good a reason as any.


    —People make stuff up on the internet for attention all the time.

    —As of this writing, no one has been able to track down Anthony or his family for confirmation that this is, in fact, real.

    —This would be the easiest thing ever to fake — just have Anthony hold a squeaky toy off camera (the video never shows his hands) and squeeze it at appropriate moments.

    Okay, now that I’ve seen all the evidence, maybe I was being a bit too harsh. Although this might be easy to fake, it seems like an odd thing to make up. Why would you take advantage of your kid’s unrelated visit to the hospital by giving him a squeaky toy to squeeze off camera? I don’t know, but if this video is fake, these fakers are pretty heartless.

    What do you think? Is this video real or fake? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!