Can Leslie Jones Get a Break For Once?

Can Leslie Jones Get a Break For Once?
  • It was just last month that Leslie Jones had to fight back against racist and sexist Twitter trolls. So when we came into the office this morning and saw that she was trending on Twitter yet again, we were understandably concerned. What happened this time? Just another garden-variety asshole trying to get attention by ruining someone’s life for no reason.

    As Hollywood Life and others have reported, someone too cowardly to step forward himself hacked Jones’ website, replacing its content with a video of Harambe the gorilla, nude photos of Jones, and her personal info, including her passport and driver’s license. The site was quickly taken down, but the damage is done.

    Of course, this has brought out the worst people in the world to celebrate the gross invasion of Jones’ privacy. You know, the kind of people who act like the Ghostbusters remake is the end of civilization and anyone involved with it should be put to death. Or those who think that because some publications employ a double standard in regards to celebrity nudes (looking at you, corpse of Gawker), that means it’s okay when it happens to women.

    But you know what? F*ck them. I’m not digging through Twitter to post egg avatars’ “jokes” comparing a black woman to an animal. Instead, here are a few of my favorite Leslie Jones sketches from SNL.

    There’s the classic “New Annie”:

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  • This “Family Feud” parody:

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  • And this hilarious sketch about her wedding to Martin Freeman:

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  • Jones has yet to comment publicly about the hack, having stayed off Twitter since it occurred.

    Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate Leslie Jones’ accomplishments instead of feeding the trolls. Let’s give her a break.

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