People Actually Watched BuzzFeed Melt Ice for Over an Hour

People Actually Watched BuzzFeed Melt Ice for Over an Hour
  • Do you have literally nothing better to for the next 75 minutes? Like, have you read every book, seen every movie and TV show, played every video game, traveled everywhere you need to travel? Then I have the video for you. It’s of ice melting. No, not quickly, entertainingly melting, like this Tickle-Me-Elmo being melted by a jet engine. Regular, room-temp melting.
    Here’s the original video from BuzzFeed India:

  • As of this writing, the video has been viewed over 68,000 times and earned over 2,000 comments — mostly either from people trying to figure out what’s in the ice or people furious with BuzzFeed for wasting their time.

    Want to know what’s in the ice? Fine, I’ll tell you. It’s a card of famous professional wrestler John Cena. That’s the surprise people waited over an hour to discover. To be fair to BuzzFeed, that alone is pretty funny — there’s nothing like a little Unexpected John Cena to brighten your day. (Could this finally replace the Rickroll?) Even funnier, though, is the fact that once Cena’s face appears, someone haphazardly plays his entrance theme on kazoo.

    It kind of reminded me of this:

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