People Are Now Eating Cereal Out of Their Friends’ Mouths

People Are Now Eating Cereal Out of Their Friends' Mouths

  • I used to think there’s no wrong way to enjoy cereal. You can eat it like a normal human, or with a weird cereal machine, or even with water instead of milk (YOU ANIMAL). Then I saw these videos of people using their friends’ mouths as cereal bowls and realized that the world will always find ways to disappoint me.

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  • The hottest #trend in online video in 2016 (this week) is people pouring milk and cereal into their friends’ mouths and eating out of them. Wait, what? No, really. Here’s the video evidence:

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  • That video was uploaded two days ago and earned over half a million views on YouTube in that time. It’s prompting commenters everywhere to say, “what the hell,” and “why,” and, most troublingly, “I saw someone do this with a butthole.”

    Believe it or not, this has actually been a #trend for some time. Here’s the earliest example we could find:

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  • Quite a few videos of people inexplicably doing this popped up in 2015, including the one in the thumbnail. Here’s the one you clicked for, you dog, you:

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  • All right, I’m sufficiently grossed out. Here’s hoping nobody chokes to death doing this.

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