Singer Mike Yung blew the internet away with his rendition of the Righteous Brothers classic.

  • Knockout singing voices aren’t just for cute kids and old folks anymore.

    New York-based singer Mike Yung took the internet by storm this week with his powerful rendition of the classic Righteous Brothers song “Unchained Melody.” If, like me, you grew up in the early 2000s, you may remember that this is then-American Idol judge Simon Cowell’s favorite song. As a result, I’ve heard literally dozens of versions of this tune, mostly from people trying desperately to impress Cowell (but usually just pissing him off). Remember Clay Aiken doing this back in 2003?

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  • Thanks to my teenage addiction to American Idol, I can consider myself something of an “Unchained Melody” expert. So I’m really saying something when I tell you that this is one of the best versions of the song I’ve ever heard. Here’s Mike Yung’s original performance, which he shared in a tweet:

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  • Wow. Ordinarily I’d write something snarky here, but I’ll just let this performance speak for itself.

    According to his Twitter bio, Mike is working on a record and usually performs at the 23rd Street station in New York City. We hope this performance helps him get some much-deserved attention.

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