Facebook Turns Dude’s Near-Fatal Car Crash Into Cheery Slideshow

Facebook Turns Dude's Near-Fatal Car Crash Into Cheery Slideshow

  • Finally, a story about tastelessness that has nothing to do with a national tragedy (like those British guys who brought a blow-up sex doll to the 9/11 memorial). No, this one deals with a personal tragedy instead.

    Josh Gibson is a guy from Utah who got into a nasty car crash in Orem, Utah recently. Like anyone who’s ever dealt with an insurance company, he took a bunch of pictures of the incident. After uploading them to Facebook, Josh got a weird surprise when Facebook’s algorithms decided that the photos from the incident would be a perfect fit for their new Slideshow feature — complete with chipper acoustic guitar music, scat singing, and happy-go-lucky motion graphics.

    The results are darkly funny. Josh uploaded the video Facebook made to his YouTube channel, where it quickly went viral and earned hundreds of thousands of views in just two days. Here’s Josh’s original video:

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • According to the video description, Josh walked away from the crash with only minor injuries. Glad to hear you’re okay, Josh!

    This isn’t the first time Facebook’s automation has led to some awkwardness. The company recently fired its team of humans who curate trending stories, replacing them instead with a fully automated algorithm. And what did the algorithm decide to show everyone? A video of a guy having sex with a McChicken sandwich (SFW link).

    The lesson here is that Facebook is made of creepy robots and should never be trusted. I’m looking forward to the first Facebook Slideshow made up of someone’s funeral photos.

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