Reporter Gets Pushed, Says “Thanks a Lot, Bitch,” Becomes Famous

Reporter Gets Pushed, Says "Thanks a Lot, Bitch," Becomes Famous

  • Read debate postmortems all you want. (Ours is pretty good, and late night hosts did well, too.) We’re here to draw attention to another aspect of this week’s Presidential debate, one oft overlooked in all the hubbub — the human aspect.

    Kimberly Halkett is a correspondent for Al Jazeera who found herself the subject of an explosively popular meme. Here’s the original video on Vine from user Dalton Bennett:

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  • In the brief video, Halkett is seen trying to make her way to an interview with Mark Cuban. She and another reporter push back and forth as a security guard urges them to stop. Then, Halkett utters the line that launched a thousand memes, sure to be one of the biggest catchphrases of this political season: “Thanks a lot, bitch.”

    The video quickly earned over 10 million loops on Vine — not bad, considering the perception that the platform is becoming a ghost town. Check out our video above for some of the best reactions. My favorite is this tweet from Sam Stryker:

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  • In my opinion, this might not be the best behavior to reward. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going down. Is this a case of keeping it real, or is this When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong? I can’t tell, so I’m not going to call her a “hero” like other outlets have. I will say, though, that regardless of Halkett’s character or intention, this video is seriously entertaining. So don’t let me make you feel bad about enjoying it.

    Halkett herself has wisely kept her head down since the video blew up, having (as of this writing) not tweeted since yesterday.

    What do you think? Is Halkett a hero, a villain, or TBD? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!