Grab a Tissue for This Video of a Special Needs Guy’s Dance Proposal

Grab a Tissue for This Video of a Special Needs Guy's Dance Proposal

  • Ah, the good old homecoming dance. It’s, traditionally, one of three opportunities for high schoolers to publicly proclaim their teenage love for one another — the others being prom and Turnabout/Sadie Hawkins/whatever you call it. One Illinois high schooler didn’t need the help of Ben Stiller and (sheds a tear) Robin Williams to win a dance partner. All he needed was a cookie cake and a few hundred friends.

    Jake is a special needs student at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, Illinois. (Coincidentally, Metea is one of my alma mater’s sister schools. Go Wildcats!) When Stephanie Zagurski and other members of the Peer Partners program, which pairs special needs students with student mentors, learned he planned on asking his girlfriend Emily to Homecoming, they decided to pitch in.

    Here’s the original Twitter video from Zagurski of Jake’s cookie cake proposal — and Emily’s tearful acceptance — which has since been retweeted over 30,000 times:

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  • Good job Jake, indeed. There’s also this extended cut from Emily’s sister Megan, in which Megan distracts Emily from the crowd of people assembling around her by asking her questions. Here’s that video too for a bonus hug!

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  • Naturally, this is getting people pretty emotional. Check out our video above for a few of the most emotionally charged responses. Did you get through this without tearing up? If so, who hurt you?

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