Finally, a Fat Cat Who Isn’t Running for Office (Or at All)

Finally, a Fat Cat Who Isn't Running for Office (Or at All)

  • Twitter and Facebook are blowing up about this plus-sized cat. The story comes courtesy of NECN and the Union Leader. Here at What’s Trending, we’re known cat video distributors — but even we have never covered a cat this fat.

    This fat cat, Logan, belongs to the Silver Fox Inn, aka the Best Western in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. He also weighs in at 31 pounds, and let’s just say that isn’t the healthiest weight for a cat. There are plenty of videos of the kitty circulating around the internet. He belongs to the hotel owners, Tor and Susan Brunvand, but spends time at the hotel.

    The Brunvands took the original video of Logan down because of all the criticism they were receiving for the cat’s weight. But, the Brunvands say, the cat doesn’t eat to excess, and there’s been long periods where he hasn’t eaten and he hasn’t lost weight. Owner Susan says:

    ”He is pampered, he lives here in this beautiful place in a hotel, and he has the run of the place. He just can’t lose weight, we’ve tried.”

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