Mon Dieu! French Guy Goes Nuts in Apple Store

Mon Dieu! French Guy Goes Nuts in Apple Store

  • A French man was apparently really mad at Apple about not receiving a refund, and it wasn’t this guy either. Apparently he went into one of their stores in Dijon, France and smashed ten iPhones (and one lucky MacBook Air) with a silver “Boules Ball”. Which I suppose is a good choice of destruction weapon.

    Here’s a video of the viral temper tantrum:

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  • Our host Ava Gordy has the full story in the video above. Stay tuned all the way through the video for a surprise appearance by Nti, the What’s Trending social media manager. Way to be a star, Nti!

    According to a translator on Reddit, the guy in the video is saying, “Shut up! I know my rights. Ladies and gentlemen, Apple is refusing to reimburse me according to the European law. I know my rights.”

    Presumably, he’s mad about the lack of a headphone jack. He should’ve learned from this guy and destroyed a legally purchased iPhone 7 instead.

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