Dog Convinces His Friend He’s Dead, Pulling the Ultimate Dick Move

Dog Convinces His Friend He's Dead, Pulling the Ultimate Dick Move

  • Jack and Archie are dogs. Jack and Archie are friends. Jack can play dead. Archie gets really worried. If that’s not friendship, the world has never seen it. The internet has been obsessed with dogs recently, as it’s been less than a week since these dogs were rescued.

    In the video, posted by Sam on Twitter, we see Jack show off the full extent of his acting abilities. Archie is so convinced by Jack that he gets really distraught. Jack deserves a dog Oscar – Dogscar? – but he’s also kind of a dick.

    Here’s the original video:

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  • If you’re as worried about Jack as Archie was, don’t worry. Sam also posted this video:

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  • In it, Jack is seen alive and well, trying to pop some balloons. It’s a nice way to relax after convincing his best friend he died.

    Though to be fair, Jack’s probably done this before and Archie just isn’t on the smarter side.

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