It's exactly as good or bad as it sounds to you.

  • Cheetos, mac and cheese, and pulled pork pizza, yes please. YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood, aka JP and Julia, make the pizza. If you’re interested in more Cheetos food, Burger King has you covered with Cheetos Chicken Fries and the Mac ‘N’ Cheetos that inspired this pizza.

    JP makes the pizza while Julia is at work. Apparently that’s his weird food time. He starts out by readying the crust. He then makes mac and cheese. Usually that would be good enough for somebody, but today is not a usual day.

    You can watch them make and eat the pizza in the original video, below:

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  • The pulled pork is prepared separately, and after egg yolk is applied to the crust, he places Cheetos dust around the edge. He then places the pulled pork (slathered in barbecue sauce) atop the crust. Then it’s the return of the mac, as it goes above the pork — and then a layer of cheese.

    Not gonna lie, I feel conflicted. The pizza looks good, but I’ve been off pizza for two months. And while it’s going to make me sound non-human, I don’t miss it. Yeah, boo me. I revel in your hatred. It’s my life blood.

    What do you think? How wrong am I to not like pizza? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.