Jenna Marbles Is a Strong Independent Woman Who Doesn’t Need Eyebrows

Jenna Marbles Is a Strong Independent Woman Who Doesn't Need Eyebrows

  • Jenna Marbles has always been totally unafraid to be a trailblazer in the beauty vlogosphere. Remember when she murked the 100 layers trend by putting on 100 layers of every beauty product under the sun? If you liked that video, you’ll love this one.

    Here’s the original video from Jenna’s YouTube channel:

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  • Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. In the video, Jenna goes from having half-shaved eyebrows to fully-shaved eyebrows to a bunch of kooky designs, like a unibrow, an Adidas logo, and the word “YEAH.” And as always, she brings that mix of earnestness and comedy that we’ve all come to know and love.

    So why do this? Well, first of all, that’s none of your (or my) business. Unlike the time she waxed Tyler Oakley’s legs, no one else is getting hurt. Jenna even says it herself: “Me shaving my eyebrows is really not going to affect you in any way.”

    But if you really are curious, it seems Jenna’s original plan was to just shave off half her brows so she could re-shape them. Once she got halfway through, though, she decided to dive in and go whole hog. Not everything is full of weight and meaning, you guys. (Several people who’ve struggled with illnesses that have forced them to lose their eyebrows noted in the comments that they appreciate Jenna normalizing their look, but that seems to be just a pleasant side effect.)

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