Ken Bone Is Exactly What We Thought He Was: Human

Ken Bone Is Exactly What We Thought He Was: Human

  • Ken Bone is the America’s biggesst recent meme. The man went viral after the second debate, where he asked a question about energy. We’ve covered his rise already, but now it’s his fall from grace getting our attention. Bone did a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), and some not so pleasant opinions came to light.

    According to Gizmodo and the Daily Dot, Bone used a Reddit account he’s been using since 2015. Not exactly a smart idea. Bone’s opinions on celebrity nude leaks, the Trayvon Martin case, and insurance fraud brought the thought-angelic meme star back down to earth. He’s for the nude leaks, believes the killing of Martin was justified, and committed insurance fraud to keep his job. The reminder that he’s still an undecided voter wasn’t doing him many favors either.

    So maybe Ken Bone isn’t the human embodiment of a hug after all. But this is what happens when the internet memeifies a human being. They have real opinions, and those can often be trouble. At least we’ll always have Kermit. #ImWithKer.

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