This Anti-Weed Ad Will Inspire You (To Smoke Weed)

This Anti-Weed Ad Will Inspire You (To Smoke Weed)

  • Aight so its no secret that Massachusetts has some deep-seated Puritan stuff going on, and this anti-weed ad pretty much sums up their fear of “Reefer Madness” to a T.


    While we’re at it, lets not forget this video of First Daughter Malia Obama smoking weed. Everyone’s doing it, folks!

    So, this new anti-weed ad takes place in a dystopian New England run by stoners and medicinal marijuana users alike. A mother and daughter take a drive down what seems to be a regular Massachusetts neighborhood, until they realize it has been taken over by big menacing, green pot leaves!!!!!

    Anyways, watch this Mass mom shame her poor son Kevin for his ~recreational~ habits.

    Who is Kevin, you might ask? Give it a watch:

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  • Anti-Cannabis mom also reminds us that in Colorado, the patron state of Legal Weed, there are more marijuana shops than Starbucks and McDonalds combined. WOWOWOW!

    The commercial urges Massachusetts voters to “Vote No on 4”, and negate the possibility of recreational marijuana. The Question 4 the ad references would legalize marijuana for recreational use on Dec. 15 for adults 21 and older. Stores could start selling it Jan. 1, 2018. Using marijuana in public would still remain illegal.

    If they keep making ads like these, I HIGHly doubt that’ll happen… ba dum tiss.

    As of 2012, medicinal marijuana is currently legalized in Massachusetts. Possession of small amounts of marijuana is also decriminalized. Come this election, recreational marijuana might be here to stay in the Bay State.

    What do you think? Silly commercial, or is the demon weed coming for our children? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.