Naked Hillary Clinton Statue in New York Causes Controversy

Naked Hillary Clinton Statue in New York Causes Controversy

  • This week, a statue of Hillary Clinton appeared in New York. This wasn’t an honorary statue, though; rather, it depicted her… well, watch the video above and see for yourself. The statue appears to be a response to the somewhat similar naked statues of Trump that appeared across the country in August.

    The two groups putting up the statues have markedly different motivations. The Trump statues were erected by anarchist group INDECLINE, while the Hillary statue was put up by artist Anthony Scioli. While the Trump statues featured Donald sans-testicles and with a micropenis, the Hillary statue depicted Hillary with cloven hooves, topless, and with a banker suckling at her breast.

    The Hillary statue has been called sexist. But other people are defending the artist, and saying there is a double standard: if the Trump statues were okay, why is the Hillary statue verboten? Others are responding by saying there’s a history of sexism towards women, and there isn’t towards men. Especially in regards to these statues, that appears to be true.

    According to the New York Daily News, the Hillary statue was taken down by two women. While the artist (quite rudely, in the video posted on the Daily News article) attempts to resurrect his statue, the two hold it down.

    What do you think? Should we condemn the Hillary statue, the Trump statue, both, or neither? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.