300 Women in Yoga Pants Protest Sexist Douchebag

300 Women in Yoga Pants Protest Sexist Douchebag

  • So it all started when this Rhode Island guy Alan Sorrentino wrote a letter. Sorrentino submitted a letter to the Barrington Times titled “Please, Women, Put Away the Yoga Pants”. Sigh.

    He also included some really sexist comments and said that children should be able to wear them, but that on “mature and adult women” there’s something bizarre and disturbing about yoga pants on their bodies. Yiiiikes. For some reason, Sorrentino really thought he was doing the public a favor, so he included his home address to the letter in case anyone wanted to chat.

    The letter went over so well with the local community, that a Facebook event called “Yoga Pants Parade” popped up after the letter was published.

    Over three hundred women showed up for the Yoga Pants Parade Protest right outside of, yep, Sorrentino’s house. TBH what did he expect? This is 2016, and these women don’t give a f*ck. Keep it up ladies!

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