Some Guy Smashed Trump’s Star on the Walk of Fame: Hero or Villain?

Some Guy Smashed Trump's Star on the Walk of Fame: Hero or Villain?

  • This week, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed. The destroyer, according to Deadline, was a man who gave his name as Jamie Otis. He told Deadline it was not just to protest the GOP candidate for President, but to raise money for the women who’ve accused Trump of sexual assault.

    (If it seems like we cover Donald Trump so much, it’s because we do. Our last piece was just earlier today — on the white ladies pretending to be Blacks for Trump.)

    According to Deadline, Otis destroyed the star after his first plan failed. He had originally planned to remove the star so he could auction it off to support Trump’s sexual assault accusers. When that didn’t work out, he took a sledgehammer to the thing.

    Here’s a shot of the aftermath:

  • Trump star 1


  • If you’re wondering how he got away with it, reports indicate that Otis was dressed as a construction worker at the time. A police cruiser arrived on the scene that same morning, but by then Otis was already gone.

    In a follow-up story posted on Deadline, the Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Historic Trust (which runs the Walk of Fame) have already gone to work re-installing the star. Despite the accusations, the Chamber of Commerce, which selects the celebrities to receive stars, insists Trump’s will remain a part of the walk, and the vandal will be prosecuted “to the full extent of the law.”

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