These Dudes Are Literally Smashing Pumpkins to Test the iPhone 7

These Dudes Are Literally Smashing Pumpkins to Test the iPhone 7

  • The iPhone 7 is, according to Apple at least, much more durable than previous models. It’s water resistant, shatter resistant, and, apparently, candy corn-proof. This latest discovery comes after GizmoSlip tested the phone. Maybe the candy corn-proofing is a side effect of Apple removing the headphone jack?

    GizmoSlip, in conjunction with ZombieGoBoom, tested the phone in a recent video. They put the Apple product in a pumpkin filled with candy corn. The pumpkin was then also carved. And then, in the pièce de résistance, they threw it from a rooftop 100 feet up. The phone should by no means have survived that fall. But (SPOILER ALERT) it did.

    Watch their original video below:

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  • Sure, the pumpkin took the brunt of the impact. But the iPhone still fell 100 feet onto concrete and asphalt. My phone can’t handle falling five or six feet, so maybe — just maybe — the iPhone 7 is not complete and total garbage? (This article sponsored by Apple. Apple: Our Products Aren’t Always 100% Terrible™.)

    Plus, these guys were more respectful to candy corn than most people. It’s not THAT bad, you big babies.

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