Here’s Some Cute Animals on a Trampoline, O My Sad Readers

Here's Some Cute Animals on a Trampoline, O My Sad Readers

  • You are probably a sad person right now. I am certainly a sad person (right now, but not always). 2016, despite its better points, could perhaps be best represented by a raccoon dying of poison from eating its best friend raccoon who died eating poison mushrooms because it was starving because all the people and their delicious garbage moved out of town when the factory closed.

    But there is hope.

    Everyone, gather ’round the cell phone screen of the coworker who is showing you this, and prepare to freak the h*ck out from sheer happiness.

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  • That’s not the video that will make you happy. But it’s a good prequel, because it’s about how exciting trampolines are, and the real video has trampolines. NOT JUST TRAMPOLINES: CGI animals jumping up and down on them during Christmastime.

    Watch the video right here:

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  • O John Lewis, divine department store, maker of ads, renderer of CGI foxes, thank you for bringing us this manna from commercial heaven. May all your Christmases be profitable, and all your #BusterTheBoxer plushies sell out. I do not live in the UK, so I’m not going to go to one of your branch locations. But you can bet your sweet candy behind that I’m going to watch this video again, and share it with all the sad people on What’s Trending dot com.

    Buck up, saddies. There’s trambopolines to be jumped upon.

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