Snapchat’s New World Lenses Are Trippy as Hell

Snapchat's New World Lenses Are Trippy as Hell

  • Just in time to be sad human beings, Snapchat has released a new filter. Or, well, a new way of using filters. They’re called the “World” filters.

    According to Tech Times, what the world filters do is put real-world things (like clouds) into an augmented reality. So now you can make clouds throw up rainbows. It’s using the filters that Snapchat already has on things around you. Getting the whole augmented experience!

    Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to take selfies with filters. It’s not just cloud rainbow puke.

    This week has been chock full of things happening politically. That includes the least experienced candidate for President maybe ever becoming President-elect. People’s lives could be threatened. Their rights stripped. So maybe cloud puke… maybe it isn’t the most important thing this week. But, hey, if it makes you feel better, might as well bring some joy into the world!

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